Client List

Client List

IDK Media Group

 – Present (1 year 9 months)NYCWork with different start-up companies to design effective social media marketing strategies. Specialize in using video and large social media networks to launch effective campaigns and increase brand awareness. Recent work includes Streaming LIVE events for free to attract “likes”. Working to Brand new companies one saw an 50% increase in bookings after working with IDK for just 3 months. Expand visual offering to attract brand awareness. Helps to define demographic target market and bring an effective campaign to increase awareness in that specific sector. LIVE event documentation and exposure. Have in place relationship to promote in the equestrian market and local music.
(Open)1 project
 – Present (3 years)VT, NH, PA, NY, NJ, VA, MD, MA, OH, CT, FL, MS, TX, TN, GACreated a real-time workflow which allows IDK Media Group to deliver event coverage in next to realtime. We Shoot, Edit and Deliver 1080p HD Quality DVD’s and MP4 streams which are available for immediate viewing. This technology is currently being applied in many HI-Motion Sporting Events throughout in the NorthEast and Mid-Atlantic States. It allows us to deliver parents or competitors a Digital Preview ON-site following the event or competition. For Equestrian events these videos are used for sales. Ski videos used to retain sponsorship.• Production Manager IN-field Live event coverage involving 2-4 cameras. Crew of 8
• Manage media 100,000 clips and prep footage for editing
• Edit, upload and transfer short video clips to client specifications DVD or MP4(H264)
• Shoot video footage on location throughout the NorthEast and Mid-Atlantic States
• Assist the team with post production activities
• Crew hiring and training, transportation and lodging, set-up and strike, on site Production workflow
• Help maintain and organize production office and equipment All on budget and on time.
• Organized and detail orientated
• Experience in video production and audio recording workflow
• Working knowledge of DSLR video workflow (shoot and edit)
• Proficiency in video editing software (FCP 7, Avid Media Composer)
• DIT Troubleshooting Managed Digital Media and Workflow over 4 month shooting schedule.
• Able to take on new tasks and complete them relatively independently while handling multiple
simultaneous projects. 12-14 hour days for extended non-stop 12 day runs.

(Open)7 projects
IDK Technologies
IDK Technologies

IDK Technologies is a complete one stop shop for your video and social media needs, we are a streaming media solutions provider with specific methods to get your content ranked and viewed. Spun off from our Parent company Vette Video, Our team of trained staff has experience with all aspects of video production, from storyboarding your idea, shooting, editing, web delivery and social media marketing, we can do it all. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest.

• Manager Library with excess of 250,000 clips ingested logged catalogued for instant access.
• Created Realtime Digital Video workflow to deliver previews of clips of the events for participants and
competitors to view and purchase onsite during the event.
• Created digital workflow for DVD and Online delivery. QC’ed workflow and final product
• Remote Troubleshoot Onsite Digital Media workflows

New Hampshire To Do Magazine, Londonderry,NH
Conceptualize, Storyboard, Shoot, Edit and Compress Long Form Commercials for Clients/Advertisers to increase web presence and exposure. By creating 90 second to 3 minute long videos that describe, explain or educating the viewer about a business or service. Hire staff, coordinate the entire production process from script writers and musician to editors and sound people and any addition crew needed. Work directly with sales team to create sales tools. Work with management on a customized branded video player and creating new ideas for company growth and development into the internet space. Moreover, working to create visions and direction going forward so the video department can grow. Discussed 6 mo., 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals and how to achieve them. Increase visibility for the advertiser and the magazine in a give – give relationship.

Chesterton, Winchester, MA
Devised improvements to the entire analog and digital video workflows from capture thru edit and export including delivery to multiple video formats including DV mastering, DVD Creation, Video for CD, and high and low bandwidth web delivery. Teach staff use of FCP, DVD Studio Pro and compressor.

National Video Reporters, Woburn, MA
Oversee and participate in all aspects of technology in the workplace including but limited to: Evidence Presentation in Federal Court, Training of staff and clients on the proper use of Production software and Trial Presentation software. Creating and maintaining digital video workflow. Creating marketing strategy and implementing that strategy to the marketplace. Edit programs using FCP Suite and Premiere, create DVD’s with DVD Studio Pro. Lead Editor for color correction and ON-Line editing, Boston, MA
Schedule, coordinate, shoot, select, edit, encode, and compress audio/video components for cutting edge web based music video channel. Using a strong technical background in television broadcasting, combined with extensive experience in the operations of Adobe Premiere, QuickTime player pro, Sorensons developers kit, Sorenson broadcaster, Qdesign pro 2, to set up “digital streaming programming” from LIVE pre-planned events, as well as created an archive vault containing 650 compressed videos. Using my In depth knowledge of compression technologies, FTP and non-linear editing software along with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, is now the cornerstone of the music internet media offerings in Boston,MA.

Interlock Media, Cambridge, MA
FCP Consultant and Supervising Editor Feature piece with a focus on the children and heroes of Children with Behavioral Disorders. BCCD is a national organization that educates and trains professionals that work with children with behavior Disorders as well as working with the children and bringing the two together.

Arnold Communications, Boston, MA
Project Leader Using Quicktime 3.0 created cross platform CDROM with high quality digital video for distribution to sales force. These QuickTime movies were used by the Oceanspray sales force to augment powerpoint presentations. Moreover, as stand alone movies to show potential customers future TV commercial that would promote end retailers to increase sales.

Snachem Inc, Lowell, MA
On-line Editor With high end production tools like After effects,Premiere and media 100. Performed compositing and online editing to create a TV commercial for new product. This commercial aired on the following stations in local markets: ESPN, Sunday night football (TNT), Monday night football (ABC), TBS, N.E.Cable News.

Vette Video, Hudson, NH
Conceptualized, Produced and Created an Interactive Cross Platform Marketing CD-Rom with high digital video content. This CD showcases projects created/edited with Macromedia Director, Media 100, Premiere, After Effect, MovieCleaner Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator. This CD-Rom is used as a distributable marketing CD as well as an interactive Portfolio/Demo Reel of companies offerings and technical prowess.

Jumpcut, Boston,MA
Oversaw all technical aspects of a “LIVE” Multimedia show, including but not limited to advanced planning, staff/crew, organization, logistics Coordination. Coordinate the presentation of video/multimedia on several screens simultaneously, in the beat of the music using hyper-midi. Organize all aspects of crews and technology.