High Action Motion Sports

IDK Media Group is a creative, experienced media streaming production company that provides the highest quality of video, from our experienced team of video shooters to our webcasting and compression experts. We take control of every step in the process: from concept to completion IDK offers the highest level of customer support and service. IDK Technologies is a one stop shop for your video and multimedia needs. We are a streaming media solutions provider offering professional video services. Our team of trained staff have experience with all aspects of video production, from storyboarding your idea, shooting, editing and final compression for the web.
From Boston to New York City, IDK has become a cornerstone of quality video and streaming in the Northeast Corridor.

LIVE Webcasts
IDK Media Group can broadcast live audio and video to the Internet. We require 6 weeks prior notice to install necessary Internet lines and hardware. The process is the same as a taped shoot, except the entire performance will be webcast live.  We take control of every step in the process: installing the Internet line, configuring the computers used for broadcasting, setting up cameras and optimizing the audio.
IDK specializes in streaming solutions LIVE. Having successfully streamed hundreds of LIVE events since the 2000 season, we have the experience needed to stream your event.

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